Cinder – Found in a House Fire

8/9/20 – cinder 8:9:20 cinder 8:9:20-- cinder 8:9:20---- cinder 8:9:20== cinder 8:9:20=== cinder 8:9:20====On Tuesday this baby was found in a house fire in Detroit. A firefighter rescued her and took her to the station. His daughter posted 911 help and a kind person named Molly offered to foster. Everything was going great until 48 hrs later when the kitten began to have bad diarrhea, she stopped eating, and rapidly declined. By morning she was ubable to move.
That’s when I was contacted and I offered to take the kitten if she could be transported to the vet hospital right away.
Molly rushed the kitten to where I was working. The baby was barely breathing and she had just seizured. I immediately placed an IV catheter and after lots and lots of aggressive hourly care for over 48hrs, this baby is finally making baby steps of improvement.
You can see the before and after pic here.
We don’t know exactly why she crashed, but we do know she was infested with worms and she got sick with horrible diarrhea.
A 1 pound kitten cannot last long when they are that tiny. She became dehydrated and critical fast. Her tiny body has been through a lot and the goal is to get her eating on her own. I’m thinking of calling her Cinder.
I’ll keep everyone posted. ♡ Gina

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