Sylvester Happy Update After His Eye Removal

7/6/20 – Update on Silvester who had an eye removed last week. She is home and her spirits are good. Here is a message from her rescuer, Danielle:

7/2/20: “Silvester had her eye removal surgery yesterday and the vet called me last night to let me know everything went well and she was just starting to wake up. I have to call this morning at 8am to see if she gets to come home today (fingers crossed).
I strongly feel she was either trapped somewhere or someone had her inside because I never went more then a day or two without seeing her for 2 years. Come March and we just completely stopped seeing her. I went out and searched for her everyday, sometimes several times a day. I never gave up hope I would see her again. I knew immediately when I saw her and said “Silvester” and she looked at me and gave me the biggest meow while running towards me. That’s when I noticed her eye, it looked awful and I knew it wasn’t good.
I couldn’t have done this without the support of 4 Paws 1 Heart. They didn’t even hesitate to help me and I had promised Silvester she would never be going back outside again!! I’ve already managed to put some pounds back on her, she loves her soft food and kitty treats and I know within time I will have the weight put back on her (we used to joke that if we didn’t know that she had been fixed, we would have thought she was pregnant because she was so chubby but I had TNR’d her so we knew she wasn’t pregnant, she was just chubby from all of her special feedings).
The way she ran to me, it’s almost like she knew she needed help and she found me. She knew I wouldn’t turn my back on her no matter what!!
Before her TNR we thought she was a he and that’s how she got her name. When she went in for her TNR we were surprised that he was actually a she but she already knew her name so it’s always stuck with her.
Thank you everyone for all your prayers and again the biggest thank you goes to Diana and 4 Paws 1 Heart.”
sylvester 7:6:20

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