Charlize – Nearly Thrown from a Vehicle; Chemical Burns All Over Her Body

‼️🚨⚠️Warning! Graphic Photos⚠️🚨‼️
At approximately 5:00pm, on Sunday, August 30th, 2020, an injured kitten was brought into the Eastpointe Police Station lobby. The reporting parties stated a vehicle pulled off to the side of the road and stated they were going to “dump” the kitten, but instead handed the kitten off to them. Chief ACO Pylar was called and came in immediately to examine the overall condition of the kitten. The kitten is estimated to be 2-3 months old, female and black and white in color. She was not wearing a collar and no microchip was found upon a full body scan. The kitten appeared to have burns on her face, head and most severely, on her ears. Half of the kittens body appears shaved and singed. The kitten was lethargic, pale/anemic and had a very low temperature. Chief ACO Pylar immediately contacted our friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart , who without hesitation, agreed to cover the emergency veterinary care this poor girl desperately needed. She is now at an emergency veterinary hospital receiving treatment. She is currently being hospitalized and carefully monitored by their wonderful veterinarians. We will continue to investigate this and ask that if anyone has any information as to who owned this kitten, contact Chief ACO Pylar at, (586) 445-5100 Ext. 1035.
A very big thank you to our friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart, for your compassion and generosity to help as many sick and injured animals that you possibly can. We are very grateful to have your support ! 💙🐾
**We will update everyone on her condition and progress as we receive reports from the  veterinarian** – B. Pylar”
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