Diva – Update

9/17/20 -Diva update! I’m ecstatic to report that Diva is turning the corner! Several doctors have helped along the way with ideas and suggestions. Cynthia has helped with Reiki and handmade special healing blankets. My co worker Julie took her for a few days and 4 p 1 h supporters have pitched in… Dee and Rick have worked so hard to keep meds, daily baths, and hourly supportive care going day and night.. She was literally so fragile!! We recently started the pred, vit b 12, the clavamox and a new probiotic. She has finally begun to thrive! Foster mommy Dee has sent me more poop pics than I’ve ever received on my cell, and the most recent ones really made me happy! I might have cried a little. Thank u everyone involved in the journey for this girl and let’s pray she continues to hold her own after the meds are finished. Ginadiva-- diva - 9:17:20 diva 9:17:20

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