Fat Daddy – His Caretaker Was Placed in a Nursing Home – His New Foster Mom Noticed a Missing Claw

10/19/20 – Please say a little prayer for this boy, Fat Daddy. He was being cared for by a kind elderly lady who, unfortunately, had to be placed in a nursing home. The lady asked Brittany if she would care for Fat Daddy. Brittany noticed that Daddy appeared to have a claw missing. Also, she has been out of work and although she wants to give Daddy a permanent home, her funds have been depleted. Today Daddy was taken to one of our favorite vets who contacted me about this sweet guy. The doctor wasn’t sure the extent of the damage to the toe. She will do x rays and do blood work and determine next steps from there. The worse case is that he have his toe removed. Although donations have been very slow, we had to give this boy a second chance in honor of the kind woman who care for him for so many years. – diana
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