Lil’ Pancake – Happy Update – Successful Surgery For a Kitten Born Without an Anus

9/24/20 – Happy Lil’ Pancake Update-On August 11 we were asked to help with surgery for a 9 week-old kitten born without an anus. She would vomit and fecal matter would pass through her vulva whenever she got blocked. We were thankful that we could help save this little girl and give her a chance at a good quality of life. She did have successful surgery and when we followed up we learned that Lil’ Pancake was running and playing like the kitten she is although she did have a little leakage which resulted in some irritation. Wearing preemie pampers helped Lil’ Pancake and yesterday we received an update from Deborah, Founder of Saving Cats & Kittens in MI. – diana
Lil Pancake w: Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan 8:11:20 lil pancake-Deborah Nelson lil pancake 8:22:20 lil pancake--8:22:20 lil pancake---8:23:20
“Diana, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that little pancake is doing fantastic after her surgery and to thank you so much for helping us save her life.
She is just a joy, the happiest little kitten, and she has quite a bit of control in the litter box and only needs cleaning up sometimes.
We truly thought she would be a diaper baby after the surgery but she has really made great progress.
Thank you for all that you do.- Deborah”
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