Misty – Rescued from a Community of 60-70 Cats

8/26/20 – I’ve often talked about the criticality of spay/neuter. In the world of felines, a female can start having kittens at 4 months old and she can have 3 litters a year–very different from dogs. If you consider that each litter averages 5 kittens, there is a possibility of 15 cats being born each year to one female and the cycle continues with the females born in each litter. Here is the perfect example of how 3 cats can turn into 60 – 70 cats in just 3 years.

This past week I received an e mail from a very frustrated couple who owns a shop in an industrial complex in a nearby community. Three years ago, a person from another shop, dumped 3 cats behind one of the shops. They turned up behind the couple’s shop and they did what they could to control the situation. They took in a number of kittens themselves, they alcommunity cats 8:26:20 misty 8:26:20 misty 8:26:20--so found homes for some. They tried to take care of their medical but eventually their work hours and financial ability made it impossible to keep up. Then, just a couple of days ago, two little beauties showed up — one with a very serious eye issue (Misty). The kind couple took the kittens in to see two vets, both said Misty would need a specialist. One of the vets we have worked closely with over the years has done a lot of work with ‘eyes’ so Misty will be seen today by her. Then we will determine next steps. In the meantime, our good friends at Ferndale Cat Shelter and our friend, Debbie, will be working to trap all of the cats by the shop and we will cover the medical costs at All About Animals. In many cases, these cats/kittens have become very friendly, so I pray that something can be done to find homes. The other shop owners really don’t want the cats around but as many of you know, it is very difficult to relocate cats who have lived in a particular community for awhile. Again, thank you for your donations during our 10 Year Celebratory Match. – diana

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