Alley Cat – RIP – She Had No Use of Her Legs and Passed Away Before She Could be Seen by a Vet

11/30/20 – RIP Alley Cat. It was two weeks ago when we posted Alley Cat’s story. She was found on the streets but couldn’t use any of her legs. With the help of her rescuers, she was able to eat and drink but because the rescuers have been out of work they could not pay for a medical exam. We made arrangements for Alley Cat to be seen by one of our vets but before she could be seen, the doctor became ill and the appointment was rescheduled for today at 9:00. With a very sad heart, her rescuer told me that Alley Cat died last night before she could make her appointment. My heart breaks every time we haven’t been able to act fast enough to save an abandoned and abused animal and I can just imagine what the rescuers, fosters, and veterinary staffs go through every time this happens to them. Alley Cat is no longer in pain and, thankfully, she was loved in her last moments. – diana
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