Salvaggio – A Constant Visitor to a Cat Community but Now Unable to Use a Leg

11/19/20 – Prayers and Positve Energy once again needed for this sweet boy, Salvaggio. He will have femur osteotomy surgery tomorrow. We were contacted about a week and a half ago about a cat who had been one of about 8 cats cared for by a very kind elderly woman who lives in a mobile home park. Unfortunately, for some reason, mobile home parks are saddled with many stray cats who appear to have been abandoned. They are typically very sweet and intact so just a couple of cats will turn into 20 in no time at all. Salvaggio has been a constant visitor for a few years but just recently showed up with his “leg hanging”. Our friend, Debbie N., stepped up and assessed the situation and arranged for Salvaggio to be seen by a vet. He was given pain meds and surgery was scheduled for tomorrow. Our elderly friend, Josephiine, has been given a large crate and bed to keep Salvaggio comfortable during his recovery. He will no longer be an outside cat.
There have been so many serious medical cases this year and we are forever grateful for the support our friends have given us during this very difficult period. – diana
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