Teddy and Roxy – Teddy May Have Been Sexually Assaulted; Roxy Needed Vetting

11/2/20 – Teddy and Roxy were taken in by a new rescue group who we have also helped with spay/neuter/general vetting for several cats. The rescue suspected that Teddy had been sexually assaulted although it could not be confirmed by the vet. What could be confirmed was that Teddy was having issues with his anus causing him discomfort. Roxy just needed the usual vetting. Last week both returned to the vet to be treated for all of their medical needs including spay/neuter, vaccines, and heart worm tests complements of 4 paws 1 heart and our amazing donors. Roxy (rotweiller) has had a great deal of interest but not Teddy as yet. So, if you’re interested, please contact: furgetmenever@gmail.com – diana
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