Freddie – Found in a Mobile with a Possible Urinary Blockage

1freddie 11:30:20 freddie nov. 30 2020 freddie w:jo 12:16:202/17/20 – Please pray for this little guy. At this time we have 3 serious cases under the medical guidance and skills of Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital. Freddie is one of them. He was originally rescued from a nearby mobile home park. When our friend, Jo A., got him he was shaking uncontrollably and cried all night.
He was only about 6 weeks old and appeared to be doing well over the past couple of weeks but over the past few days he stopped eating and was vomiting. Fortunately, when we were advised, Dr. Z squeezed him in and saw him last night. Dr. Z is concerned over a blockage and the fact that he is so small. He stayed the night at the hospital and will be further examined today. I have already authorized surgery if that is needed. Also, a huge thank you to our friend Debra Berolatti who traveled many miles through yesterday’s snow to take Freddie to the hospital and will be picking him up when ready. Paws crossed that this little guy will get through this safely and have many good years ahead of him. – diana
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