Kiki – She Jumped Into Her Rescuer’s Car and Wouldn’t Leave

12/30/20 -I think many of us will be very happy when this year is behind us and we can just pray that 2021 is an improvement. The good news, though, is that we’ve been able to meet the needs of every request we have received, even the most difficult. And, as I’ve said so many times, we can only do what we do because of our amazing supporters, veterinary staffs, and rescuers.
This is Kiki. A long-time friend of our co-founder, Gina, contacted us about a “skinny” black & white cat who came out of nowhere and jumped into her car and wouldn’t leave. A person in the neighborhood said that the cat had been hanging around the neighborhood bothering dogs and didn’t belong to anyone. The rescuer couldn’t get Kiki to leave the car and while the rescuer was trying to catch her, Kiki ran into the car’s hatchback which the rescuer couldn’t get into. The rescuer gave up and just drove off with Kiki still in the car. The minute she started driving, Kiki jumped into the rescuer’s arms and just sat there looking out the window and purring — calm as could be. Kiki, obviously, was not a feral cat and had either escaped from her home, or, like so many other cats we help, was abandoned by her owners. Well, Kiki was pretty smart because now she has her furever home with 4 siblings and is much loved.
We are thankful that we could help the rescuers get Kiki ready for her new home (which turned out to be theirs) and to make sure she will never have babies or be on the streets again. – diana
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