Moore – RIP – May Have Ingested Rat Poisoning

12/11/20 – Moore - RI{ 12:11:20Yesterday I saw an urgent post about a stray kitty who was vomiting up blood, lethargic, and breathing hard. I recognized this kitty because he is one of the strays that I reached out for help to get a cat shelter for.
I responded asking the friend to transport the cat to a nearby hospital so that 4 paws 1 heart could get him help.
She rushed him there quickly and he was visibly not well.. Blood tests were run to check him for leukemia, organ damage, anemia, etc.. They suspect he was bleeding internally and he wasn’t going to make it. It is very possible that this sweet stray kitty ingested rat poison and the most humane thing to do was euthanasia.
The staff of Moore Veterinary Hospital was kind and compassionate during his last moments and we can just be thankful that he didn’t die alone on the street.
This is why your donations are so important and it is only because of our supporters that we are able to help alleviate animal suffering.
Please do not allow your cats to be outside. This is one of the many risks you expose them to.. Gina
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