Buddy – Lived the Life of a ‘Feral’ Until He Showed Up with a Prolapsed Rectum

2/18/21 – Buddy lived his life as a community cat. He was born early last year to a stray female who had what appeared to be many litters. The family caring for the community ‘inherited’ them about three years ago when the moved into their home. Over the past 3 years they took in two of the cats and found homes for some others and those left outside were provided shelter and food. In October, 2020 they noticed that Buddy’s rectum was “coming out– and not just a little but at least 3 inches” . Unfortunately, because of all of the animals they have helped, they couldn’t afford to help Buddy and contacted us last week. Buddy was able to get in to our vet at Five Mile Animal Hospital and he had surgery on Friday, February 15. His caretaker, Deanna, sent me an update the other day and said that Buddy is doing great and he is very lovable. Because they already have 4 cats and two dogs, they will be trying to find a furever home for Buddy and anyone interested can contact me and I will give Deanna your information. I’m praying that Buddy finds that loving family and I’m forever grateful to our many supporters who make miracles happen. – dianabuddy w:deanna fischer 2:11:21 buddy 2:11:21

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