Tommy – RIP – Rescued With a Large Tumor

3/6/21 – RIP Tommy. Tommy showed up on our friend’s porch and, of course, she started feeding him along with a couple others she cares for. One day she heard that Tommy was breathing heavily. She was finally able to trap him and he was treated for an upper respiratory infection. After recovering from his URI, he still had a loud breathing issue. He was taken to one of our favorite doctors who thought it might be a polyp which could be an ‘easy’ fix for a feral cat. But, unfortunately, with further examination, it was discovered that Tommy had a huge tumor in his nose cavity. Tommy also had several bite marks all over his body. Tommy had been kept warm in a crate while recovering from the URI but there was no doubt that he was feral and wanted out. When the tumor was found, our friend, who had been caring for him, and the doctor decided it would be most humane to let him cross the rainbow bridge.
I can’t say enough how very deadly it has been for stray animals, especially cats, over the past year. We can only be thankful that some of them are rescued from the streets so that they are not languishing and dying slowly only to become further victims of the wild. Please see a pray for all of these innocent souls who have no one but us. Thank you for your continued support which allows us the opportunity to save as many as we can. – diana
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