Delphine – Her Long Journey

3/31/21 – Delphine’s Journey:
“Delphine is a bengal kitten who came to us at 11 weeks, surrendered by her owner who couldn’t take her to the vet. She had a URI, significant eye & nose discharge, chronic diarrhea, and ear mites. After three months with us, Delphine no longer has a URI, but she needs daily eye drops to keep her eyes clear, regular ear cleanings and medicine to avoid recurring infections, and is still suffering diarrhea that we’re doing our best to resolve.
4Paws1Heart has been amazing keeping up with Delphine’s frequent visits to the vet to manage these chronic conditions she is struggling with. Some of the tests have been quite expensive, but this little one is on the right track to recovery, and we hope her spay at the end of the month will go smoothly.
Donations to 4P1H give babies like Delphine the opportunity to thrive in new homes despite hard beginnings with neglectful owners. Once her spay is complete, our family has decided to become a “foster fail” and adopt Delphine permanently into our home. We are grateful to 4P1H and hope Delphine’s story will join the rest of the wonderful stories on this page that inspire people to donate to help 4Paws give many more abandoned and stray animals a chance at comfort and love. – Jem”
Today I received another update from Jem. Delphine finally had a solid bowel movement which appears to confirm that the issue was a food allergy. She is scheduled for her spay (finally) tomorrow. Prayers for the very sweet girl. – diana
“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Ghandidelphine's journey 3:31:21
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