ELLIOT – Lived in a Colony for Years but Then Showed Up One Day Badly Beaten

3/13/21 – Almost two weeks ago, our 4p1h friend and rescuer, Bonnie (bonnie.cushing@yahoo.com), sent the following message:
“This is another male from my colony. He showed up a couple years ago. He’s another cat that has been hard to trap. Winter has been hard on him. He was gone for awhile, I didn’t think I would see him again. He came back pretty beat up. His ears are down, probably from mites. He has a few bite wounds. One of his eye lids looks like it is messed up. He knew he needed help, he was outside waiting for food. We took the trap out and set it up. He didn’t run away or anything. We walked up to him and pretty much just scooted him into the cage, it was like he just gave up and said fine you can help me.lol. I got him over to the lady that fosters for me. Got him set up in a big master Paws kennel. He let us pet him and clean him up. He ate good and is sleeping on a heating pad. His name is Elliot. He is a flame point siamese ( orange and white). Short hair. He is not neutered. If you can help with this guy too, he has a foster and we will find him a home once he’s healed and ready.”
Elliot was treated by Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital. His wounds and ears were cleaned and he was given antibiotics for his wounds and medicine for his mites. Thankfully, he tested negative for FIV/FeLV. He is scheduled to be neutered and vaccinated on March 27. When he is fully recovered he will be up for adoption. So if you are looking for a sweet buddy, contact Bonnie. – diana
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