Freya – RIP – May Have Been Attacked by a Coyote

4/7/21 – RIP Freya. It was the end of January when we were contacted about a cat who showed up in a person’s barn. The barn owner thought she may have been attacked by a coyote because half of her tail and ear was missing. She had not eaten for 4 days and the rescuer was very worried. I authorized Freya to be seen by one of our partner vets and last month I followed up to see how Freya was doing. Unfortunately, I learned that Freya had a large tumor and was humanely euthanized. The rescuer said that she was very well taken care of by the veterinary doctor and she was loved to the end. – diana
“The memories and paw print of a beloved cat remains in our heart and soul forever.” – UnknownFreya w:joe 1:30:21-- freya w:joe 1:30:21
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