Graycie – RIP – So Sorry We Couldn’t Save YOU

3/28/21 – RIP Graycie. She was rescued around March 5. graycie Unfortunately, we were unable to find out what the underlying medical issues were. She appeared to have an issue with her jaw and wasn’t eating and drinking. She was taken the day after being rescued to one of our partner rescued who did blood work. The following was just sent from the mom of the rescuer:
“About 3 weeks ago, we emailed you about a stray cat found by my daughter in Flint while she was there for work. You were kind enough to set us up with a vet. Although the vet did some tests, and ruled out a few things, he didn’t tell us what was wrong. He set up a time in April for a spay but we didn’t know what to do to help her in the meantime. So my daughter took her to my vet and they did various tests to rule out parasites and other problems and got her some special food. The latest thing we found was that she had a blood parasite and we put her on medication. However, early this morning the cat woke my daughter up crying loudly and spit up blood. So, my daughter took her to the ER vet and had her humanely euthanized. I wanted to let you know that we appreciate what you did for the cat when we didn’t know what to do. At least our little “Graycie” had a warm bed and food and water and knew love in the last few weeks of her life. So, thanks for what you do to make a difference for animals on the streets like her. Our family is very appreciative. – Jan”
On this Palm Sunday when so many our attending Church services, I ask you to remember the many animals alone and suffering on the streets in your prayers. Although many of us believe kitten ‘season’ never stopped this past year, the “official” kitten season has started which means more babies on the streets to get injured or ill. Our first and foremost mission when we provide medical assistance will always be to include spay/neuter for every animal we touch financially. Your donations make that possible. Thank YOU – diana
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