Mickey – Update — He’s a Boy

3/22/21 – Remember Mickey? He was abandoned when his owners moved and was rescued by a very kind woman who contacted us. She said that she had taken Mickey (who she thought was a Minnie) to All About Animals and they realized there were complications with his ‘male parts’. When he got home that evening he was bleeding from his rectum. Our friend at All About Animals referred the rescuer to us. Dr. Zalac saw Mickey the next day and suspected Mickey might be a hermaprodite and only with exploratory surgery could she determine his/her condition. Here is an update from his foster mom, Sue:
“3/14/21 – Mickey’s testosterone test came back showing he is still producing testosterone, which I expected based on how strong his urine still smells. Dr. Zalac says there is one place near his anus that she is thinking that missing testicle could be. She did not go back that far in the exploratory surgery. She is going back in on Wednesday, 3/17, but she is just going in that one area, hoping she finds it in there. She says there was some thickened tissue there on a recheck too. She will go into that one area and hope to find it, and if not, will be done there and then we reevaluate everything and decide from there. It definitely still seems to be somewhere in there though and needs to come out. In exploratory surgery, Dr. Zalac did find a healthy penis, she opened the whole up a bit and moved tissue out of the way. She found one testicle too in that first surgery but couldn’t find the other and I think she was thinking maybe something happened to it, but we know now it’s still in there. Hope that makes sense” – Sue
“3/18/21 – Good morning. Mickey update from yesterday’s surgery! Success finally!!!
Dr. Z couldn’t find it where she thought his missing testicle was but she got stubborn and kept going and found it deep in the inguinal area. I brought him home, he didn’t stay. He does have a big incision in abdominal area – antibiotic shot – pain meds – cone – crated – and not happy about it all lol – but officially a neutered boy now!! Staples out in 2 weeks, then he is good to go and we can start looking for his forever home!!! The rest of his vetting is already done!
Poor boy has been through a lot, but we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel!!! – Sue”mickey 3:21:21 mickey--3:22:21 mickey3-21-21=== mickey3:22:21---
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