Buddy – Cared for 8 Months as an Outside Stray; Then He Couldn’t Put Weight on a Leg

4/23/21 – Buddy was being fed by a kind woman for about 8 months when she noticed he was limping an not putting any weight in one leg. She said that Buddy’s ear was tipped so probably neutered and that someone had trapped him last summer to have him shaved. We authorized Buddy to be seen by one of our partner vets. Here is the update with a before and after photo:
“Turns out the 3rd digit on his hind leg was folded back and stuck in the bottom of his paw and infected. So they took care of that and also neutered him. Apparently the neighbors were wrong. I will be keeping him in my utility room until he is finished with his meds. They said his paw needs to stay clean, otherwise I would just give him meds in his food outside everyday. I am attaching a pic. The vet said he was an old man as he was missing a few teeth and has had his share of fights. He seemed to think he was looking for help when I described some of his comings and goings. Buddy and I Thank you sooo much. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! God bless you for being the angel that you are! – Linda”
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