Taurus, Fire, Wind, and Aquarius – Their Mom Was Killed but a Mom Who Lost Her Babies Was Found — 3 of the 4 Need Eye Removals

4/25/21 – The very sad results of being born and living on the streets. I received a phone call from a long-time friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Patricia Brown does a great deal of TNR as well as fostering and adopting out the cats and kittens who she has been able to domesticate. Patricia followed up with their story and the photos of their horrific conditions. Although we continue to have no fundraisers scheduled at this time, we will do everything we can to continue to fund the medical care of these very abused orphans. – diana
“Diana, this first email will be their story and before pics. Will send second email with after pics so as to keep them easier for you to identify.
Backstory: I had a pregnant mom who lost her babies this week. I was devastated. So I posted on fb looking for kittens who lost their mom to hopefully make lemonade out of lemons. At almost the same time, a young lady posted about 4 kittens in very poor shape found in the City of Flint and looking for a rescue. The young man who found the kittens could not turn his back on them and waited for the mom to show up and she didn’t. He turned them over to the young lady he knew. The post got to me within an hour and I was immediately on the road to get them. To say their eye issues are extremely serious is an understatement.
In one of the pics (graphic) this was the condition of two of them.
1 kitten (the ginger) is the lucky one who has a good prognosis of his eyes healing. One kitten already lost his left eye, the right may be saved. The 3rd kitten may also lose his left eye and save the right. The tiniest one, (who already has my heart), literally lost both eyes. They are around 4 weeks old. Weighing from 1 lb….to the tiniest only 9 oz.
Upon returning home with them, I immediately fed them and slowly and meticulously and with the upmost
care I cleaned their eyes. When my momma kitty, Raisin, heard the babies crying she started calling to them.One by one as they were fed and cleaned I introduced them to Raisin. She didn’t skip a beat and took everyone of those precious babies under her wings. Not knowing for sure if she was lactating, I am supplementing them with bottle feeding. Only minutes after introducing them, one kitten was already trying to nurse.
I immediately called Diana for help and had a vet appointment already set up for the next day. The vet
was obviously taken back at their condition. And with eye meds and antibiotics they are on their way to healing to the best of our ability. My heart is full as we ended up with a win win situation for a momma who lost her babies and babies
who lost their mom. – Patricia”
“A Kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.” – Robert Sowthey
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