Thomas – He Has Worms in HIs Lungs and Had Pneumonia – Now Needs a Furever Home

4/28/21 – Thomas came into our lives last winter. What was once a very feral boy is now a very smart love bug. Please share and let’s find this handsome guy his furever home. Here is his story from his rescuer, Janene:
“Life started out rough for Thomas, the feral cat. He came up to me outside one day, very ill. He couldn’t stop coughing. With the help of 4Paws 1Heart, he received treatment for pneumonia and worms in his lungs. The vet said he was on death’s door, and was a very fortunate kitty. He was 7 pounds. When he was healed from that, he was given all his shots, tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids, (both were negative). and then neutered. They all couldn’t believe he was feral, at that point, he had come so far in my care. He is now a big boy at 13 pounds. All along, 4Paws 1Heart has paid all of his medical bills. I am a widow in my 60’s with very little income, so I have to find a forever home for this precious boy as I cannot afford to keep him. I’ve been keeping him inside since November 2020. He has a great personality and is his own man. I have bought him a cat harness and leash and he goes for walks. He loves toys, especially cat nip toys and rolled up paper balls. We play “hide and seek”. He gets brushed out three times a day and has fur like a rabbit, silky/short hair. He is a gray tabby. He knows many words like his name, (whenever I call him, he always shouts out an answer), “water”, food, (which I call “kitty-kitty” and he comes running), “ball”, “floppy-fish”, (a favorite toy), “box”, “outside”, “porch”, (he loves laying in my sun porch), and more. He knows I am “momma”. Thomas does not get up on tables or countertops. He sleeps in my mudroom on his own bed. He takes naps with me on my bed, however. He knows the word, “NO”, too.Thomas eats regular, dry cat food and each morning he gets a treat of 1/6 of a can of cat food. He is a wonderful companion. I’m not sure if he would get along with other cats, as he does not like the other feral cats outside my home. He is afraid of dogs, at the park. I really don’t know how he would be with other animals, I have none. He had his life saved and now is all ready for a forever home with someone who will love him like I do. He must be an inside cat, for his safety. He is really beautiful! Here is Thomas today and other pics of Thomas over the past 5 months.- Janene
Anyone interested in Thomas should contact Janene at: Please share – diana
“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” Albert Schweitzer
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