Victoria – RIP Sweet Girl – I’m Sorry We Could Never Figure It Out

5/26/21- All of our hearts are breaking and the tears are flowing.. Victoria fought so hard and so did we. A little while ago Victoria was released from her dependency on an oxygen tank. Unfortunately, her lungs were just getting worse and her oxygen numbers, even in the tank, were dangerously low. Victoria was such a sweet girl and an amazing mom for the 9 days she took care of her babies. She was able to say good bye to them as they just opened their eyes. God’s blessings to our friend, Karen Cartier, who continues to take care of Victoria’s babies and has been through so much trying to do whatever Victoria needed. Rest in Peace sweet Mama, your legacy will live on in your babies who we will make sure are medically covered by 4p1h
and Karen will make sure they get the best furever homes. – diana
“The memories and paw print of a beloved cat remains in our heart and soul forever.”victoria says good bye 5:25:21
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