Walter – Starts His Heart Worm Treatment

7/8/21 – Walter Update..
This super handsome boy was in yesterday for his first round of “Heart worm Disease” treatment. We also took spine, hip, and knee x rays because his joints are stiff and he has trouble walking. His knees may have old ACL injuries, he has some arthritic changes in his knees and his back. His hip socket on the left is more shallow than it should be and he has a more noticeable limp on the left leg as well. He is on hip and joint supplements, pain medication, and anti inflammatory meds. We are looking into an “Assisi Loop” which would help him with his pain and stiffness. It’s about $300..
If you have not heard of Heartworm, here is a link explaining it.
Walter is 7 yr old and he will need a forever home. Moore Veterinary Hospital is treating him and once we are finished with his treatment he will be in need of a forever home. ♡ EVERYONE LOVES THIS BOY♡
Thank you, Gina
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