Ariana and Amelia – Siblings to Jasmine – Dropped Off in a Box at the Rescuer’s Door

7/1/21 – More prayers!! This is Ariana (white) and Amelia (brindle). They were left in a box at the door of the good Samaritan who rescued the puppy suffering with Parvo who is with Gina at the vet hospital. It appears there were actually 4 puppies in the litter. Our friend had originally rescued two behind a Burger King. Unfortunately one died during the night and by the next day we were able to get the other into the hospital. It appears that the woman who had the mama found out who rescued the two and the other night dropped off two more puppies at the person’s home. She left a note, rang the doorbell, and ran. Both puppies had white gums and were lethargic but did not appear to be in as serious condition as the two others (one of whom died). They were seen last night by one of our partner vets and they were given the parvo vaccine in hopes that if they have contracted the parvo virus, the vaccine will reduce the severity. Everyone is on call should they take a turn for the worse. The rescuer has fluids and is giving them Pedialyte and high protein food as recommended by the doctor. This morning Ariana and Amelia are doing well and acting more like puppies. diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080
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