6/25/21 – RIP Dino. Dino was born 4 years ago in the garage of a woman who rescues and cares for a cat community. He never strayed from his home base and allowed Dawn to pet him. Dawn noticed recently that he was losing weight, although he was eating and drinking as normal. And in the last five days his belly started to get hard and extended. We tried to get him into one of our partner vets near Dawn’s home but we had no luck. We were desperate to get him seen and thankfully our great Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital saw Dino today. Unfortunately, it was bad news – he had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). This is a deadly disease which is an inflammation of the abdominal wall and organs. There are two types — dry and wet. In the wet form it results in a buildup of fluid in the abdomen. Dino’s blood cell count was also very low. The doctor and Dawn both agreed to let him peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge. – diana
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