LuLu – Update

6/8/21 – Look at how little sweet Lulu is. We look forward to making sure she is healthy and loved furever! – diana
LULU: Hi! Wook at me!!!! Somebunny grad…grat..gradu…phooey!!!! Somebunny moved into dat big girl pwaypen tonites!!! Work at my toys! Wook at my strawberry house!!! And mommy says dat box? It’s to potty in! Yous mean you no help me potty now???
MOM: Oh LuLu, of course mommy will help you. But you’re a big girl now and I know you’ll figure out the box soooo fast cus you’re sooooo
LULU: Wealwy? I sooo smart? I loves you mommy
MOM: I love you LULU. Will you be ok in your new house tonight? I put your heartbeat snuggle in there and your Reiki blankie from Aunt Cynthia and I’m right next door in the next room if you need me. Ok?
LULU: Otay mommy, I’m so bwave!!! You go now, me go nitenite…Otay?
MOM: Ok, are you sure? I could stay a minute..I could just sit here and…
LULU: Mommy! You’ll be Otay, go bed bwave!!!
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