Miracle – Drowning in a Drainage Pipe

6/30/21 – The Miracle! This is the face of a man that climbed down into a storm drain to save a stray kitten trapped in the drainage pipe. The little thing was so scared and cold! After our hero got her out (with the help of his fellow employees and the mama), dried and cleaned her up, she cuddled right up to him for heat and comfort.
The beginning: As you can see from the prior post, Brad, our hero, contacted us on June 18 about a mama and 3 kittens who needed our help. The three babies all seemed to have upper respiratory infections and, later, everyone would need to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. The guys at the shop didn’t want to see the babies lose any eyes as is what happened to Pecan. So plans were made to get the babies examined and treated right away and have everyone taken care of for other medical needs at a later date. The babies got in to one of our partner vets pretty quickly and were treated. Then, on Monday, June 28, when the employees showed up for work, they heard a soft crying. Upon investigating, they found one of the kittens in a drainage pipe.
Brad immediately went into the storm drain trying to reach for the kitten in the pipe. Every time he thought he could grab her, she backed up. The guys decided that maybe if they poured water down the drain, the flow of water would push her out. Well, that seemed to work as she came rushing toward Brad in the flow of water, but at the same time, mama showed up and started meowing. Between the water flowing out and mama calling for her baby, Brad was finally able to grab the baby. Unfortunately, though, while Brad was trying to rescue the baby, her brother, Bow, was seen floating in the water, drowned.
The guys in the shop decided to name the rescued baby Miracle because it was a miracle that they were able to save her. After a night of rest, Miracle was awake and feisty as “all get out”. She ate and drank some water and with a little coaxing allowed her Hero to pet her again. And, the over the top, GOOD NEWS — Little Bow, who had drowned, was to be adopted by the kind-hearted foreman’s son. When the son learned of Bow’s death and Miracle’s amazing rescue, he decided to adopt Miracle and give her a loving and furever home. Miracle was picked up by her new Dad yesterday, June 29. Brad received some videos that he might be able to post here later and the new dad said that Miracle is doing “just fine and will do well in her new home”.
Kudos and Hugs to Brad and his Co-Workers for all that they do for these babies. I’ve often said, you have to love a man who loves cats!!
P.S. Mama will be spayed and vaccinated along with her other surviving baby, Stamper. We will also cover Miracle’s spay, vaccines, and testing when appropriate. And, there is one other illusive cat who the shop gang will be trying to get so we can give him what will be needed medically. And, lastly, the storm drain has been appropriately secured for the safety of all. – Diana
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