ELMER – A Happy Update

3/2/22 – Another happy update. Elmer came to our attention in early November, 2021. Melissa, who volunteers with a rescue we’ve often worked with, contacted us about this poor, sweet dog who had been kept 24/7 on a tie-out along with a very aggressive female dog. Melissa does outreach and had been making sure the dogs were fed because Elmer’s owner no longer lived in the house and the person living in the home fed them whenever she thought about it. One day the female got loose and attacked Elmer. The police were called because the female was loose and aggressive. Once caught, the police gave the female back to the home occupier and while the police were there the dogs were kept in crates but then when they left, the dogs were back on tie outs. Elmer would get tangled and unable to reach his food or shelter. We were contacted to cover Elmer’s medical needs.Elmer was surrendered and he was adopted by a family who first lost him in the country for a couple hours then they told the rescue that the father felt the house “smelled too much like dog”; Elmer was returned. Then he was adopted to a second family but the 40 year-old son played very rough with him and all agreed he should be returned. Since then Melissa had been fostering him and the Good News — he was recently adopted to a very loving couple. Here is his original photo and great photos with his new mom and dad. diana

TINA – She was Ike’s Girlfriend But Now She Will Be an Inside Kitty

3/1/22 – This is Tina, Ike’s girlfriend. She’s been looking for Ike but today she will be trapped and arrangements have already been made to get her into the vet to be tested, vaccinated, and examined to insure she can be a part of a new inside family. She is a beauty. A huge thank you to Sherry and her husband for making a difference in so many lives. – diana

MR. KAT WILLIAMS – Finds His Furever Home

3/2/22 – And, after darkness, there is light. Remember Mr. Kat Williams. He was found skin and bones, crusted eyes, and a damaged tail. He had double yeye infections, an upper respiratory infection, and a fever. He was in the hospital over night for fluids and observation. Well, he just found his new furever home. A very close friend of his rescuer decided to share their love and home with him and his rescuer is elated because now she can continue to visit with him. His new name is Mulder and he is adjusting very well in his new home and with his new family. We are so very thankful to our many supporters who make happy beginnings like this happen. On to a new great life, Mulder (aka Mr. Kat Williams). diana

IKE -RIP – Found with a Urinary Blockage and Possible Poisoning

3/1/22 – My belief is that no living creature, animal or human, should leave this world without being recognized. This is very sweet IKE. He was a stray and no one knows how a sweet boy wound up that way but he was lucky that someone cared enough to provide heated shelter for these brutal winter months. One day the caring person who watched over him (as well as a few other strays) saw that Ike had trouble urinating. We immediately worked to get a vet on board so that when Ike was trapped, he could be taken in to get help. This began last Sunday, the 20th. His first trip to the vet resulted in a stay overnight where he was given a catheter, fluids, and antibiotics. He did have a blockage and a urinary tract infection. He went home the following day with the catheter and everything appeared to be going well. On Friday he was returned because, again, he couldn’t urinate. And, again, he stayed overnight. This past Saturday he again returned home with hopes that he would become an ‘inside’ cat. But once again, by yesterday, he couldn’t urinate and appeared to be in much pain. Yesterday the doctor called me to report that Ike’s kidney’s were failing; he had a large amount of feces in his bowels that could have been blocking him from urinating. The doctor also thought that Ike might have gotten into something outdoors which was causing the kidney failure. At that point, all parties agreed that Ike, at approximately, 5 years old, had gone through enough and would unlikely be able to recover. He was humanely euthanized knowing he was loved. At this time, he had a ‘girlfriend’ who often slept with him on his heated bench and she has been looking for him. Sherry, the rescuer, will try to trap her and give her a permanent home inside. (It should be stressed that Sherry and her husband did spay and neuter every cat who showed up near their home looking for shelter and food). We will take care of any medical needs for Ike’s girlfriend. Rest In Peace, Sweet Ike. I’m sorry we could not do more. – diana

MUSTACHIA, VIVIAN, NOEL, PETUNIA, CHADWICK, LITTLE BIT, EMOJI, SHADOW, DOJA – 4p1h Funded the Medical Treatment and the Rescuer Found All of Them Furever Homes

2/28/21 Before I get updates about the cases we had this past weekend, I thought I would start off the beautiful last day of February with very positive news. A rescuer we often assist with medical sent us these photos to let us know that all of these babies we’ve recently helped, have all been adopted and are in loving homes. Here is Mustachia, Vivian, Noel, Petunia, Chadwick, Little Bit, Shadow, and Doja. Thank YOU to those who help us make a difference. – diana.

OLIVER – Rescued With a Urinary Blockage

2/24/22 – Prayers for Oliver who is being treated right now at Veterinary Medical Hospital in Flint. A short while ago two young girls found a cat and started putting food out for him. When it got cold they started sneaking him into the house. Yesterday they noticed that he urinated blood. We were contacted and I authorized payment for treatment. He is now on an IV with a catheter and may be in the hospital until next Monday. We are praying that Oliver will be able to urinate before then and be able to be treated without major surgery. Even without surgery, the cost of treatment will be quite a bit so any help our supporters can give would be appreciated. – diana

RIPLEY – Left Behind When His Mom was Killed by Another Animal

2/24/22 – Meet Ripley – I was contacted by a caring person whom we’ve assisted in the past. Her co-worker had rescued a kitten she found living in her backyard. It’s believed that the mom was killed by another animal a week prior as her co-worker heard a terrible noise outside and then started hearing a crying. When she went outside to investigate, she found the kitten. It took 3 days for the kitten to trust her but she finally got her inside and safe. This was late November when our 4p1h friend took the baby and contacted us for medical assistance. At the time she was too young for anything more than an exam and vaccines. This past Monday she was spayed. As most of our followers know, our ‘job’ is never done until the cat or dog is spayed/neutered. This is a critical part of our commitment to “Reduce the Number of Unwanted Animals”. We are so very happy for Ripley because she is now in a loving home with two siblings. – diana.

STANLEY – Update

2/23/22 – Stanley Update – You might remember Stanley who was found to have been shot with bb’s; one very close to his lungs. His rescuer thought his leg and paw was injured because he seemed to lose his balance and dragged his legs when he showed up on her porch. The x-rays showed he had been shot in several spots. The doctor treated him and advised that if he didn’t improve, he might need to see a neurologist. Of course, we would have followed through with that. It’s now been a little over two weeks since his doctor visit and his rescuer advised yesterday that he is definitely improving and starting to move around “really well”. His rescuer said that his little siblings, who she caught at the same time she caught him, are starting to remember him and everyone is getting along. Here is Stanley on the top of the cat tree. – diana


2/22/22- Bear was found in an abandoned home. He had an injured leg and was taken to a vet as soon as he was rescued and was vaccinated and examined. He was x-rayed, received an anti-biotic injection, a rabies injection, sub-q fluids and an anti-inflammatory injection and we were told he had a cruciate ligament and patella injury. He was given inflammatory medication to take home but after two weeks was not doing any better. We then made arrangements for him to see Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital. He had his surgery with Dr. Zalac on February 14 and spent the night at the hospital. Dr. Zalac said it wasn’t as bad as she expected once she opened up his knee. The ligaments were “stretched”, not torn. She expects him to heal quickly. He has a follow up appointment in 2 weeks, on March 1 and the doctor wants him to be walking by then and if he is not, then she will show his rescuer exercises to rehabilitate him. Bear also has a potential new home. Thank YOU to our many supporters who help us give these orphans a second chance at life. – diana.