6/1/22 – Meet Millie. She was found by Yates Cider Mill in Oakland County, MI. She was infested with fleas and very malnourished. She probably wouldn’t have survived much longer had her rescuer, Lea, not taken her in. 4 paws 1 heart has covered her check up, lab work, medications, and she has made incredible improvement especially with the help of Julie and Tracey. They have opened their hearts and homes to taking care of her emotionally and medically.

Millie is now stronger, very lovable, and playful. She is about 8 weeks old and up for adoption at Moore Vet Hospital. If you are the one to give her a forever home and would like an application please email me at [email protected].



5/26/22 – Chip was trapped, neutered, and released at a mobile home park where we have been helping when needed with medical bills. Chip is a friendly guy who was probably left behind like so many are and after he was taken to a low-cost clinic for neutering, the doctor suggested he be taken to a full service clinic for treatment for severe diarrhea. That’s when we were called in. Chip was seen at one of our favorite places, Comfort’s Place, in Redford, MI and Chip was found to have severe infections. He is now under treatment and we are confident that he will soon be on the road to recovery. When he is fully recovered he will be transferred to the rescue WAG. Without you, we would never be able to be there for the fur orphans. – diana.


5/25/22 – Once again we are so very thankful that we can help Streethearts Animal Rescue who work tirelessly to rescue the many dogs roaming the streets of some very dangerous cities. This is Sunny and Marla. They were both found on the streets and were unclaimed. Probably because their owners had no further use from them or because they were found positive for heart worm which is very expensive to treat. So many of the rescues today are dealing with serious and expensive medical issues with the cats and dogs they save, and because of the generosity of our supporters, we are able to help.

Sunny and Marla started their first 30 days of medication which will then lead to the injections. 4 Paws 1 Heart has covered that and will cover everything until the heart worm is gone and we will also cover spay/neuter/vaccines as needed. A huge thank you, as always, to our many rescuers and our many supporters. – diana.


Oliver is another sweet boy whose medical was totally covered by 4 Paws 1 Heart. You might remember that he was found with a rubber band wrapped around his testicles in an effort to neuter him. He also had other medical needs. I love to get the happy updates — now, just to find a furever home.- diana

“Oliver AKA Mr. Rubber Band Man is healthy and cleared for adoption!! This boy was tortured, shot and mutilated at the hands of humans, yet he is the most trusting, loving cat there is!! He is a large boy with a large personality! He has a bit of a wobble in his back end from being shot. One of the bullet fragments is in his spinal cord, but will not do anymore damage than it already has. Oliver gets along great with other cats, dogs, and children. He would make a wonderful Family pet!!- Chalsey”


5/20/22 – Hazel was a member of a cat community. He was a feral FIV positive cat; 3 years young. He was going to the vet for what we thought would be a tail amputation because he had a tail injury and was no longer moving his tail but it turned out that he had a very severe urinary blockage and he was suffering. The doctor believed that surgery would be risky based on his condition and the odds weren’t good for him as he would have to return to the wild. His rescuer and the doctor felt the kindest thing they could do for him was to allow him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The very kind veterinary technician held his paw and kissed him as he crossed over. RIP Hazel – diana


5/19/22 – We are thankful that we can share in Waffles’ journey along with some very amazing people at Orion Animal Hospital. Just in case you didn’t know, here is Waffles’ back story. I will keep you informed as her journey continues. – diana.

“Knowing there was something medically wrong with Waffles, and with hopes for a chance at life, she was surrendered by a breeder. Waffles is currently fostered by one of the most loving employees at Orion Animal Hospital.

Little Waffles has a difficult-time swallowing food. And by difficult-time, I mean she has turned blue & has choked to the point of concern. This, along with some of her other symptoms, led her medical team to suspect she may have Megaesophagus. Mega-E means that her esophagus muscles fail & cannot properly propel food or water into the stomach. Waffles was put under anesthesia as a treatment option, and a feeding tube was surgically placed. This little tube is where she has been receiving her nutrients & medications because, at this time, she still is unable to swallow.

Waffle’s doesn’t understand that she can’t have things orally, and because of this, her foster family must take extra precautions when food is out. This adorable little cutie has been known to try, and “hungry-hungry-hippo” grab something right out of your hand! This five-month-old pup has spunk, and a taste for life! (pun intended)

Waffles recently went to a specialist and was diagnosed with a very rare condition: suspected cricopharyngeal dysphagia with bilateral myectomy. To sum this up, the muscle in her esophagus will not open enough for her to swallow, which is worse than we imagined.

The next step is confirmation of this diagnosis, so an appointment has been scheduled at Michigan State University. It is here that Waffle’s will have her diagnosis confirmed, and then our little sunshine will be scheduled for surgery.

When this surgery is completed, her prognosis is excellent!! She will get to live a happy & loved-filled life”



Today is technically her birthday that we know of or at least guessing, not necessarily her gotchya day but it is a day to celebrate because shes the most awesome little lady ever !

A year ago my life changed when I got a call about this little girl . When I had gone to see this tiny 4 week old, her spine had already been damaged by getting hit by a door. I was NEVER expecting to do all of this. I was so scared because taking care of a paralyzed cat is such a big responsibility.

Well guess what? I wouldn’t had changed that day for the world when I met her ! I wish this didnt happen to her but Im glad she came into my life. Shes the most sassy little thing ever ! So much personality, so much love, yet the most inspirational, strong independent for a paralyzed cat you will ever know !

Im proud to call her mine !

I couldn’t thank 4paws1heart enough ! That day when I reached out to them was life saving ! I really didnt know how I was gonna do all of this without help. So I thank them for everything. For giving me the opportunity to learn soo much about a paralyzed animal by being able to go to Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine and attending every vet visit.

I couldn’t thank Denise Najera for giving me so many tips and tricks on how to care for this innocent little girl ! Im truly blessed for all the love and help !

I just love Bella so much ! I dont know why I was choice to be her mama but Im glad I was. I adore her everyday and cant imagine my life without this sassy little shit ! 😝 I love you Bean! You’ve come such a long way! Im so proud of this obstacle you’ve worked through and continue to work through!💜– Rebecca

Happy 1st baby!


5/18/22 – Although I rarely have the opportunity to meet the many fur orphans we help, it still is so very hard when we can’t give everyone a second chance at life. This is Ziggy. We were contacted about Ziggy this past March. He had an abscess from being bitten and needed medical help. At that time we took care of everything Ziggy needed and he was doing good. Then last week, he became very lethargic, wasn’t eating, he kept licking his front legs, and was very disheveled — he wouldn’t leave the basement. We were able to get him in quickly at one of our new vet partners, APaws Veterinary Hospital. Blood work was performed and poor Ziggy was found to be positive for FIV and FelV (feline leukemia). His rescuer and the doctor decided it was best to let Ziggy peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge. He crossed with his rescuer holding his paw. This is Ziggy in March and then last week. May he now be playing with all who had gone before him. RIP Sweet Boy. – diana.


Update, Sprinkles (stray found in flower pot) had her spay surgery today. She is doing well while recovering at the hospital. Huge thank you to Dr Susan Burcham for making time in her crazy busy schedule to do surgery on her lunch break. If you are interested in helping towards her care or you want to donate a toy for this pretty girl it would be very much appreciated. A link to our site is http/ Her medical is adding up fast between meds, lab work, prevention, vaccines, surgery, microchip, food, etc.

Thank you,

♡ Gina