11/8/23 – It was late September, 2023 when we were contacted about a very friendly cat rescued during a ‘hoarding project’. His finder thought he had been a pet a one time, was either abandoned or lost, and ended up in the hoarding situation. He seemed to have an issue with his leg and was very malnourished. Over the past weeks, Mister has been seen a number of times at one of our partner vets but his diagnosis is still unsure. His leg appeared to have been injured at one time but had healed. Mister’s health has been up and down since being rescued and he has been running a low grade fever. At times he’s lethargic and then back to normal and at times he limps. Mister has been on a couple of different antibiotics and the doctor still can’t rule out FIP. He will be having blood work again in a couple of weeks and we will continue to be there for Mister. – diana

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