2/27/224 – Unfortunately, although we had hoped otherwise, 2024 is starting off the same as last year — far too many animals needing heart worm treatment, limb amputations, and eye removals. As well as just the ‘regular vetting’. Here are six kitties, some of whom came from hoarding homes that all need some level of medical assistance. Meet Lucy, Sally, Charlie, Bubba, Snowbilly, and Mouse. Some have already been spayed/neutered but need vaccine boosters, some need the ‘works’ (spay/neuter, vaccines, fiv/felv tests, and fleas treatment). They are all being treated today at All About Animals Rescue and will be available for adoption through Sheri H. at: [email protected]

I don’t know what thousands of animals, found on our streets, would do without clinics like All About Animals Rescue, The Paws Clinic, Comforts Place, and the Humane Society of St. Clair — all low-cost clinics that operate with grants and donations and play an integral role in our rescue communities. – diana

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2/26/24 – Tony is a 6 month old kitten who was born to a rescued mom kitty in an independent foster home. He unfortunately became very sick recently and found his way to the wonderful team at Orion Animal Hospital. Tony was emaciated and actively dying when he arrived there, his temperature was low, his liver was shutting down, and he was face down in his blankets that day. His bloodwork showed several major issues including a dangerously low white blood count and evidence supporting a diagnosis of both bacterial.infection and FIP. Because of his dire condition, Tony was moved to a medical foster home and was treated with multiple antibiotics, GS treatment for FIP, heat support, syringe feeds, and multiple medications for nausea. Today, he is 5 weeks into his FIP treatment and he is off all antibiotics. He has gained a significant amount of weight, and he is thriving and doing all of the wild kitten things again. He is a true warrior and we are so proud of his incredible progress as well as the amazing Village who once again came together to save this baby.

Here are some photos of day one, a few days in, and current, so you can see his progress. – diana

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