4/11/24 – UPDATE: New Beginnings Rescue will take Baby into their rescue in 3 weeks. But, Stephanie is still looking for a temporary foster so surgery could be done sooner. Authorization has been given for the amputation.

4/10/24 – We were contacted by a former volunteer at the 4p1h Kitty Room at the Pet Supplies Store on 13 Mile and Harper. She has been helping out a lady in Detroit by TNR’g strays fed by the lady. She has also helped with food and shelters. Stephanie advised that Baby is friendly and was brought inside to the lady’s home. The caretaker noticed in March that he was attacking his own tail and is yelling in pain. It looked like he had some puncture wounds in the tail.

Baby was first taken to one of our partner vets where he could quickly be seen. Unfortunately, the doctor believed he was feral and gave him an antibiotic injection through the carrier but did not give any pain meds. While Stephanie worked with the caregiver, an appointment was made with Patterson Veterinary Hospital where it was determined that his tail would have to be amputated. He was given pain med.

The problem is that Baby is not in a safe environment and we are reluctant to have him go through this surgery with a difficult recovery ahead unless he can be placed in better living conditions. Please let me know if you can help and I will put you in touch with Stephanie. The caretaker will surrender Baby so that he can be helped, and Stephanie will take care of getting a signed surrender. Thanks! – diana

[email protected] P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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