Two weeks ago an owner was looking to give up her cat asap. Time was out, this cat was at a clinic to be euthanized, and something pushed me to reach out and offer to take her even tho I had no foster, no home lined up, and no plan. My gut said just do it, so I told the owner that I would take the cat if she could transport her to me. She left the shelter and surrendered her over to my care. Here is an update. Gina

5/6/24 Remember a few weeks ago when I was asked to take a 14 year old senior kitty that was going to be put down if no one could take her? We’ll, this is Paulette, the current foster to adopt mom who immediately connected with the senior cat named Casey.

Tonight, I picked Casey up because we are going to spay her and find out why she seems painful. Paulette shared a few words with me before we left. Isn’t she adorable?!

Huge thank you to 4 paws 1 heart for covering the medical and Denise Najera for helping unite these two souls.

The universe works in mysterious ways to bring those who are meant to be together!

5/8/24 Well, the doctor found out why Casey was painful. She has a bad abscess on her side which is why she was crying when picked up. There are a couple small punctures resembling a cat bite. We think it happened when Casey jumped out the door and was hiding for 8 hours until we found her. The vet drained what he could, it was swollen and filled with pus and inflammation. We gave her a 2 week lasting antibiotic injection, pain medication, and she is starting to feel better. The spay had to be postponed for 2 more weeks. We think she keeps trying to get out because she may be in heat. We don’t know if she was indoor/outdoor in her previous home, but she acts very interested.

It’s a wonderful feeling to feel the love Casey and Paulette now share, and I’m blessed to be a part of this journey.

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