5/9/24 – It was March 14 when we were contacted by a rescuer, Julie, whom we’ve assisted before. It was about a stray who wandered into a large colony farm she had tnr’d which had many big males. He took on “The king of the castle” but he ended up losing a battle that resulted in a severe injury to his eye and, hopefully, not his life.

Tiggy is a young male, around 1-2 years old. The injury was noticed about 9 days prior to our contact and the rescuer had already been to a vet who had prescribed ointments and advised that his eye would have to be removed. Julie advised that Tiggy is friendly and will go up for adoption once he recovers.

Thankfully, Julie and 4 paws 1 heart works with Dr. Diana at Eaton County Humane Society and she made arrangements with Julie to perform the needed surgery. Yesterday, I received the following from Julie: “Tiggy is 5 weeks post op and at two weeks post op had clear eye socket drainage. They gave him a second convenia injection and a week ago the socket opened up. It was good over the weekend but then the discharge changed to yellow. He has been throwing up the last few days but is acting himself otherwise and eats and drinks.”

This morning Tiggy was seen again with our approval and Julie reported the following: “Dr. Kelly has to put him back under and re-stitch that part of the eye. Since the edges are healed, it will never grow back together. She said she thinks the draining was coming from the nasal lacrimal duct because it has always been clear until the last couple days, but Tiggy is still eating drinking and not lethargic so we’re all good on that so that procedure will take place early this afternoon.”

Please keep Tiggy in your prayers for his full recovery and that he will find his furever home. – diana

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