RIP A.J. and Mayo

7/8/24 – It all started on July 2 when we were contacted about a kitten (A.J.) who had been rescued from a group of ‘kids’ smashing a litter of kittens to the ground. A.J. was the only survivor. The rescuer had A.J. for a little over a week before she turned the kitten over to Barb L., whom we’ve assisted in the past. A.J. was placed with two other, same aged kittens whom Barb had rescued just before. The kittens, Sparky and Mayo had were found wandering the streets without a mom. Unfortunately, A.J. became lethargic and before he could be seen at our partner veterinary clinic, he passed away. On July 5 Mayo and Sparky became less active and were not eating; they were authorized to be seen at Orion Animal Hospital. This morning I was advised that Mayo passed away. Prayers for Sparky who will be seen asap. – diana

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