Hercules at Partidge Creek

Hello, Just a quick update on Hercules for his fans!  Hercules has been very busy with his rehab exercises and walks, but there is always time for play too.  He is doing quite well with his balance exercises, which we use different size peanuts to challenge him (see photo).  He also is doing better walking over his cavaletti rails.  He now walks 1/2 mile daily on one of his regular walks (the others are shorter).  He is learning all his basic obedience commands and enjoys his rally sessions too.  We have been going to Partridge Creek for some of his walks to incorporate distractions, learn good puppy manners and to meet the public too.  He is a big hit with the kids every time we go!
More next week!
Dr. Kern and Hercules

Tari Kern, DVM, CVMA, CCRP
Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets

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3 comments on “Hercules at Partidge Creek

  1. I can not tell you how happy I am for Hercules. I have followed his since he was rescued and am thrilled he is doing well and has a great new forever home. He has gotten so big and he is such a beautiful dog.

  2. I had my heart touched by Hercules in the PetSmart parking lot in May and then again with Gina at the emergency clinic because my dog had an issue. He is such a sweet boy and a ham for the camera. So happy to see his progress. Thank you to all the people that have helped in his rehab!

    Heather W.

  3. My husband and I read the story about Hercules, and thought he was just so precious, and should never be treated the way he was treated. We were very moved to read his story. I’m SO glad he is doing soo much better. I just love dogs,and just wanted to know if I could come and meet this Hercules one day? If so possible, where is he located. At this time I can’t have a dog, due to renting our house and the landlord doesn’t allow dogs, so I was just wondering if I can come visit and meet Hercules..He sounds like a wonderful dog. I’m so glad he is doing so well.