Medical Dollars to Dog Aide 2012

I’ve shared the amazing work of Dog Aide 2012 – Community Awareness many, many times. They not only rescue but they work with owners to educate and feed. We are thankful for their willingness to always be there for a stranded/neglected animal and we are pleased to send some medical dollars their way. Thanks, Ladies of Dog Aide. ~ diana

 “Hi, Friends! It’s me, Buddy. I am blurry because my tail has a lot of happy. I am feeling so much better today. At first I didn’t like all the pokes, but now I only get the subQs pokes. They aren’t so bad. Awesome Lady made me a nest of comfy blankets and we snuggle after the poke. So I don’t mind that. But so many pills! Yuck. My tummy stopped hurting, though, so I guess the medicine is working. I even wanted dinner! Awesome Lady gave me little dinners. It’s like having three dinners in one night! Pretty neat. I have my own bowl. It’s blue. Auntie Mel S stopped by to visit and we snuggled in my nest and I showed her my bowl. She said Dog Aide friends are working hard to get me healthy. She said snuggling with Awesome Lady and let the medicine do its job. So I’m going to do that ♥, Buddy”

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