Princess – Found Running the Streets of Flint

3/11/16 – Princess was found running the streets of Flint, MI. She had a mammary tumor and was very neglected. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid to have the tumor removed and for Princess to be spayed and treated for other minor issues. Her rescuer just noticed some questionable areas on her skin. Once again, 4 Paws 1 Heart stepped up and the questionable areas were removed and are being biopsied. Please pray for Princess; the doctor is concerned that it is melanoma. Princess is with Friends of Scooby Rescue~ dianaprincessw:meganblass3:11:16

Ringo of Mutts of Motown – Rescue Takes a Village

3/1/15 – Ringo was rescued by our friends at Mutts of Motown. He could hardly put any weight on one leg; later it was discovered that his leg had several breaks which had never been treated. Ringo eventually needed an amputation and we were happy we could be there for him. I cannot describe my happiness in learning that this very sweet, formerly abused boy, is now in his forever home. ~ diana10922801_699765666801131_1846581152197187418_n

Buddy The Beagle – Recovered from Hypothermia and now with NBS Animal Rescue

1/13/15 – More warmth for this bitter afternoon. Buddy, the 10 year-old Beagle, found cowering behind a trash can and rescued by two Warren Police Officers who brought him to the professional and loving staff of the Animal Urgent & Critical Care Center, PC is now safe and warm and with our very good friends from NBS Animal Rescue. If you are interested in Buddy, please check out their page. ~ diana
“Getting some love from Raelene Butkovich. Welcome to the good life buddy. Welcome to NBS Animal Rescue. Thank you Gina DeLuca and Diana Rascano4 Paws 1 Heart and everyone who took care of him and nursed him back from the brink of freezing to death. It’s all uphill from here dude.”

Ringo (with Mutts of Motown) – Given Up With Months Old Multiple Breaks

1/9/15 – We told our all of our fb friends about Ringo, rescued by Mutts of Motown who could hardly afford another difficult medical case. Ringo was left to suffer for an unknown number of months with several breaks in his leg. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be helping with Ringo’s surgery costs. Here is an update from our friends. Please follow Ringo’s progress on their fb page. ~ diana

“Today is Ringo’s amputation surgery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We will be calling near the end of the day to see how he is and how his surgery went. Ringo is with our trusted vet, who has done this surgery successfully for us before. Prayers, please for Ringo’s speedy recovery. ~ Mutts of Motownringo:muttsofmotown1:9:15

Helping Our Fellow Animal Advocates – Meet Sheeba

7/2/14 – Dog Aide is a phenomenal organization who performs community outreach, assists with rescue, and maintains a pet food pantry. 4 Paws 1 Heart is always happy to help them in their efforts. We will be delivering 101 pounds of dog food for use in their outreach program and sending medical dollars for help with Sheba. Unfortunately, Sheba is still struggling to recover from Parvo and you can keep up with her progress on the Dog Aide fb page. Here is her sad story: ~ diana

“This is Sheeba, she is only 14 months old and another victim of the horrible Parvo virus, it’s on the rise in the City Of Detroit, we are seeing more and more cases of it in several Detroit neighborhoods. Dog Aide friend Margo Schmidt who spends countless hours in the City helping dogs was notified about this poor girl and she rushed out to pick her up, Margo took her to our vet Canton Animal Hospital where they confirmed the diagnosis of Parvo, in addition Sheeba also has a large laceration under her neck, with 15 to 20 old healed smaller lacerations. Parvo treatment was started and her laceration wound was clipped and cleaned.
Sheeba needs your prayers to help her through this deadly virus

Working with Our Rescue Friends to Make A Difference

6/27/14 – Our friends with Mutts of Motown are always there for the abandoned and abused and we hope to always be there for them. In addition to taking in four of the very abused kittens from the house of horrors, they have had several dogs needing medical treatment this past week. Sonni is one of them. He had two masses removed and is now doing well. If you want an update on Sonni and the kittens, check out the Mutts of Motown Facebook page. ~ diana

Helpling Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue.

We very much appreciate the help of Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue. Not only have they’ve been instrumental in assisting me in St. Clair Shores with the TNR issue and needs, they continue to rescue domesticated cats. We are happy that because of our friends who continue to attend our fundraisers, we are able to ‘share the wealth’ with our rescue friends. Here are a few of their stories. ~ diana

“Grace had her eye removed yesterday due to a virus that destroyed her cornea.

Grace’s brother Will is scheduled to be neutered and examined under anesthesia next week for a “head tilt”- we are hoping it’s simply a congenital defect.

We are also taking our diabetic love bug Rusty into the vet weekly for “curve tests” as his diabetes is still completely uncontrolled and it has also been discovered that he has an infection- most likely due to his prior inability to fully empty his bladder which resulted in bacteria forming in his bladder.”

Forever Home needed for Sweet Jane – Can you open your heart & home?

You may remember Jane?? It was Jane’s very sad story that was the catalyst for our friendship with Mutts of Motown and I think the first time we helped them with medical bills. Although 4p1h has many of our own medical bills right now, we will always help our rescue partners who help us in placing animals for whom we provide medical treatment. Jane has a special place in my heart. And, although she doesn’t require the medical help we just provided for the dogs rescues by Mutts of Motown, I wanted to take this opportunity to once again share her story. Please share and let’s find this very sweet girl her forever home. Here’s her story. ~ diana

“Jane has been in rescue a year and a half. She was stray and living with a pack inside an empty house in Detroit. A well meaning neighbor was feeding them all. One day the entire pack turned on her and attacked her. We were called and when we arrived poor Jane was bleeding out indide the house. The snow outside was blood red and she was transported to safety. She was treated for her hundreds of puncture wounds and it was discovered she had heartworm too. We saw her through all of it with the help of our vet and our supporters. She’s one of our best behaved dogs. She’s understandably nervous around other dogs. She must be the only dog, she has a fenced yard requirement, and older kids are fine. She walks great on leash and is perfectly housetrained. Please inquire about Jane by calling (586)690-2808

Emmy from Loveabull Paws Animal Rescue

Thank you to our supporters who allow us to not only care for abandoned and abused animals who come in through the Emergency but to also help our rescue friends with the many abandoned and abused who they take in. This is Emmy from Loveabull Paws Animal Rescue. Like so many dogs being taken in lately she has a severe skin condition. We are very thankful to be able to make a small dent in their significant medical bills. ~ diana

From the Mutts of Motown

11/1/13 From our very good friends at Mutts of Motown:

Thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for contributing to our enormous vet bill. The month of October was pretty expensive for our little rescue!! These are just two of the dogs we helped last month and trust me they’re all so worthwhile!! Tinkerbell is a teacup chihuahua who was found on the streets of Detroit by a nice rescuer and brought to us. Tests indicate she has permanent hair loss due to something called alopecia and is quite old. She’ll be needing a lot of teeth pulled as soon as she’s healthy enough too. Our big puppy, Buford, came to us with a major dent in his head. Our vet doubts this was any type of accident and thinks it looks to be done by a tool such as a hammer or shovel. Buford was treated for mange, dewormed, fully vaccinated, and thoroughly checked for brain damage. He’ll be neutered soon as his weight is much better. His emergency foster family told us recently they plan to adopt him. In each case we were full, and short on funding. Our rescue operates on love for our mutts most of the time. We have many seniors who are probably not going to be adopted, but are loved and happy in their foster homes. Our rescue is about these forgotten, mistreated, and lost sweethearts. We are so thrilled to have the support of 4 Paws 1 Heart and are grateful to be associated with such a great organization. Without you and others like you, we would not survive nor could we support the needs of the next bald chihuahua or dog with severe head injury.
Thank you, with love,
The Mutts of Motown