Sweet Mr Jim….funds needed for all abandoned animals…please??

In the past 2 weeks, 4 Paws 1 Heart has received several call outs for medical help. Mr. Jim is one of them. Here is his story and of course, we said yes (until our money runs out) ~ diana

“My husband, Jeremy, and I were contacted on May 28 by a friend about a dog that had been chained to the fence of an abandoned house near her in Detroit. He was barking non stop and way too nice for his own good. We have now had Mr Jim safe for over a week with no bites or even nibbles from our searches for an owner. Robin Nix of Solo Rescue agreed to take him (as well as another stray we found three days after Mr. Jim) as long as we could foster temporarily. Mr Jim is maybe 5 years old, unaltered male, all white pit/bulldog mix. After working with him for a week, I think he is deaf. We are cleaning and putting goop in the ears as well as working on attention training to be sure these are not the issues. He is the most LOVEABLE dog He gives kisses and cuddles and did like to play fetch. Unfortunately, we just learned that Mr. Jim is heart worm positive and is now on bed rest. Solo does not have immediate funds available for the initial blood work and x-ray to determine severity and treatment. The vet thinks it is a mild to medium case. Can you help?”

Meet VooDoo

Our 4 Paws 1 Heart friend, Nicole Norton, referred this sweet girl to us who needed to be spayed. Again, we are always happy to stop the continued breeding of unwanted dogs and cats. VooDoo is also being helped by our friends at the Devoted Barn who is providing shelter until she moves to her forever home in a couple of weeks. Meet VooDoo. ~ diana

Emmy from Loveabull Paws Animal Rescue

Thank you to our supporters who allow us to not only care for abandoned and abused animals who come in through the Emergency but to also help our rescue friends with the many abandoned and abused who they take in. This is Emmy from Loveabull Paws Animal Rescue. Like so many dogs being taken in lately she has a severe skin condition. We are very thankful to be able to make a small dent in their significant medical bills. ~ diana

Happy Tails for this Mama and Pups

We had been following the story of the Mom and her 6 babies rescued by our friends at Providing For Paws and knew we had to figure out a way to help. Unfortunately, the tail was not as happy as was thought when everyone was rescued; one puppy died early and two of the puppies have since died from Parvo and although a third is back home, she is still struggling. We will continue to look for ways to help our rescue partners by conducting fundraisers and encouraging support from our many friends and family. Here is the story: ~ diana

“Happy Tails for This Mama & Pups (9 photos)
Thanks to some folks that should have angels wings attached to them, this story has a happy ending. While in the vets office with PFP’s Grace, going over Grace’s surgery with the vet, we were told about an encouraging story of survival from one Mama that wasn’t expected to live after being found to have Pyometra. The vet told us this story because we were so worried about Grace not surviving surgery for her Pyometra, because she was so emaciated. The vet explained that after seeing this Momma make it through what she did, he will never doubt how strong our Pibbles are again. Momma was found six weeks ago by a family that lives in Westland. Not your typical home with houses on top of one another, they have lots of land that is a very wooded area. When this family mows their cleared portion of the lot, they then put their clippings into a compost in the wooded area. It was the family’s 20 year old daughter who was mowing on this day, six weeks ago, dumping the clippings back into the wooded area, when she spotted a small white object moving in the woods. Not knowing what this could be, she went out into the wooded area to find out what in the world this could be. To her surprise, it was a tiny little new born puppy. Not knowing where in the world this puppy came from, she looked even further into the woods and came upon a very emaciated Momma, who was laying on the ground covered in nothing but flies and maggots! Momma was licking the maggots and flies off of her so that her poor little new born pups could eat. The young lady then called her parents and told them to get over there immediately to see what she had found. Six pups and this poor Mama who was to weak to move and full of flies and maggots. The family got everyone gathered up and rushed to Nicolas vet clinic, where they began to wash everyone up and did testing on Momma. It was found that not only was Momma emaciated, she was suffering from Pyometra as well as being heartworm positive. Surgery had to be performed immediately to save Momma’s life from her uterine infection, and the family would now have to bottle feed the six babies. Shortly after getting to the vet clinic, one of the six pups had passed away and the vet was very worried that Mama would not make it through the surgery. Momma was now vomiting up black stuff with nothing but maggots and larva in it. They did the surgery praying for the best outcome or Momma would die a longer suffering death. Once on the table opened up, a massive amount of maggots were inside of Momma, which was now yet another obstetrical for her to get past. Despite all of this, and thousands of dollars later, Momma and all five of her pups have lived. It was touch and go for weeks as to any of them making it through this. The all working family was taking shifts to bottle feed the pups and help get Momma back to health. However, because the round the clock nursing from this wonderful family, all these fur kids have made it through. The family has decided that Momma is going to stay with them. Humans have done her wrong in the past and she is scared of every little new thing that comes her way. She loves her new family and they cannot do without her. PFP has offered to help with adopting out the pups and finding perfect bully adopters for them. Not to mention trying to help save even more expense with the pups who are now all ready for their vaccines as well as spay and neuters. We did not want this family to pay anymore then they already had to already to care for all of them, especially the cost of Momma. Happy Tails for this beautiful pibble family, thanks to some very kind citizens who did this all without any help from rescue. Momma is sure one lucky girl to be alive today, as well as those pups. Angels must have been watching over all of them that day.” ~ Providing For Paws

Johnny & Misfit Angels Rescue

July 18, 2013:  Your donations enable us to help little guys like Johnny and the great rescue groups who continue to save animals every day. Johnny can be found with Misfit Angels Rescue and it was our pleasure to help him with his medical bills. Here is Johnny’s story from our friends at Misfit Angels Rescue. ~ diana

“Misfit Johnny 13 weeks
Misfit Johnny & his litter mates were born as an accidental litter! They are American Bulldog / Plott Hound mixes! They were full of worms & had upper respiratory infection! They are all in foster homes & are doing great! They are ready for their furever homes. Johnny is a little shy & laid back but warms up quickly. He is being crate trained & potty trained. And he will use the potty pads in the house. If you are interested in a Misfit and would like to complete a applications please visitwww.misfitangelsrescue.org

Sprout Found in Detroit

5/3/13  4 Paws 1 Heart will be sending medical dollars to help this sweet girl. How could she get to this point without someone stepping up to help her. Thank You, A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue for saving this sweetheart. ~ diana
This was our emergency rescue this evening and is still going on. Introducing Sprout! She was found eating out of a garbage can in Detroit. She is severely emaciated, has horrible skin/mange and is literally on the brink of death she weighs in at a mere 20 pounds and should be around 50. We have never seen a dog this skinny and still alive in all of our years in rescue. Donations will be needed to help out this beautiful baby, as we are already financially struggling as it is, we couldn’t turn our back on her. Despite her mistreatment by people and neglect all she wants to do is snuggle up and be loved. She even walked away from some food to be loved on. Please help Sprout, she is not out of the woods yet. Once she is stable she will need a foster home to recover in. A big thanks to our friends and the staff at emergency veterinary hospital in Madison heights for reaching out for this baby girl.

Pawing It Forward

April, 2013  Pawing it forward — Our little Gordie’s legacy will live on. In memory of our Gordie, 4 Paws 1 Heart has provided some medical dollars for this little doll, Carrie Underwood, who was rescued by P.A.A.W. She is an 8-week old female with Parvo. Please say a few prayers and send some positive energy for this girl. ~ diana

Thanks to Our Supporters

Thanks to our supporters, thirty (30) checks were sent to veterinarians in January and February,2013 to help with the medical bills of rescue organizations, individual rescuers, and our favorite animal control officers. We currently have small credit balances at The PAWS Clinic and All About Animals Rescue to assist in the spaying and neutering of rescued cats and dogs. This was a tough 2 months and we definitely have to build up our coffers to continue. Any and all donations are much appreciated. Donations can be made through paypal or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI  48080~ diana