How Can Humans Be So Inhumane: The Story of Snow

Update 11/5/2012, Snow, now known as Emma has gone to A Scooter’s ResQ group. She will be fostered by 4 Paws 1 Heart Board member, Cynthia. She will be cared for healed and loved and when the time comes put up for adoption through A Scooter’s ResQ.

4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to pay all of her medical bills such as her spay (when she is ready) along with some additional tests and health screenings. Please keep her in your prayers for a full recovery.

SO I GET THIS CALL…. Caller: Can u take my cat because she has a flea allergy? She is tearing herself up, so I have a cone on her.. She is wanting to scratch off her scabs and I can’t take care of her anymore. Me: Have u TRIED treating the fleas and the allergy? Her: Yes once, a few months ago but she keeps getting them when she goes outside. Me: Can u put her in another room or confine her when the door is opening, so she can’t run out?? Her: I’ve tried, but the last time she got out she got pregnant. The litter was born dead because she was still so young. Me: R u giving her any medication? Her: I give her childrens Clariton but it makes her drugged and lethargic, so I’m worried… Me: Who told u to give her that?!? Her: No one…I just thought it would help. Me: What milligram are you giving her? Her: Ummmmmmmmm… I don’t know it’s for children??? Me: Is she on a flea preventative?!?! Her: Yes, over the counter flea stuff from Walmart, but they don’t work. My other animals don’t have a flea allergy…so I can keep them. Me: Animals are a responsibility and it cost money to care for them even when they get ill if you can’t do that you shouldn’t have animals. A flea allergy is treatable if you kept your cat inside she wouldn’t keep getting them! Has she had more than the one litter? Her: Yes, she had another one, but all of them died too because she wouldn’t nurse them. They died one by one, and there were five kittens. Me: Well that’s great did you ever think of getting her fixed?! Her: No, I can’t afford it, but she really likes to go outside and she is soooooo friendly. She is just over 1 yr old, sweet, and very playful. Me: Ok, it sounds like this cat is in a horrible environment. Her: I want her to go to a no kill shelter. Me: It sounds like she is miserably neglected and she would be better off anywhere else. Just bring her to me tomorrow and sign her over to “4 paws”! ~ Gina

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