Stolen 17 Year Old Dog

┬áSTOLEN 17 YEAR OLD DOG FROM EASTPOINTE IS REUNITED WITH HER OWNER TONIGHT! Her name is “Sugar” and she was stolen in Eastpointe last night in front of her own home and then tossed out of a window on the highway left for DEAD. She suffered no injuries, but The good Samaritan who seen her tossed out the window took her to the pet store at Macomb Mall because they didn’t know what to do with her.

An employee there suggested they call the afterhours vet since it was late. I spoke with the good Samaritan and told him he could bring her in and sign her over to “4 paws 1 heart”. Today, the original owner searched, called, and posted EVERYWHERE to find her 17 year old stolen dog, and amazingly she called the pet store at Macomb Mall where an employee told her a dog fitting that description was seen thrown out of a window and taken to our clinic last night. She arrived at our clinic today looking for her dog. After all we see here, I was shocked and taken back that someone would steal this gran-dog! I happened to be at the clinic and reunited this baby with her mom. This just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what age the dog is PEOPLE ARE STEALING DOGS! DO NOT LET YOUR ANIMAL OUT UNSUPERVISED EVER! The owner was crying, happy, and so relieved that her dog was safe in our hands. There was a guardian angel looking out for this dog and thank God she is ok and back HOME with her mommy (who is posted in this picture:) ~Gina

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