Stray With Seizures, May You Rest In Peace

This poor dog was found as a stray over the weekend. The person that found the dog called to tell Animal Control Officer (Lisa) that he (the dog)  had been having repeated seizures overnight while he stayed at her house. Lisa picked him up and took him to the vet where they held him for two days. Some medications were tried to tone down the seizures. All hoped that an owner would come forward, however the seizures were uncontrollable and the dog was deemed to be suffering and was humanely euthanized. (May You Rest In Peace)  “I’m very grateful to 4P1H for making the funding available for that care like this so that animals in the situation do not have to suffer in a shelter” ~ Lisa

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One comment on “Stray With Seizures, May You Rest In Peace

  1. Thank you for doing the right thing for this poor sweetheart. Run free, sweet boy, and wear your Silver Harness with pride!
    Mindy Storen, President
    Closer to Home Animal Advocates