Little Hemi

2/26/14 – Although we have the potential for two major surgeries coming up, we had to help our good friends at The Devoted Barn and, now, Tigerlily Cat Rescue. We have sent medical dollars to help little Hemi. For future updates follow Hemi on the Tigerlilly Cat Rescue facebook page. Here is his story ~ diana

“We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our sweet boy Hemi … Hemi came to us emaciated, dehydrated, suffering from an upper respiratory infection, and with burns from crawling into cars’ engine compartments to stay warm. All this, and he is still the sweetest, most appreciative, and loving fella! He is eating and drinking quite well, and on antibiotics. He did get some fluids as well, but is now holding his own and not clinically dehydrated. The vet feels he has a good long term prognosis!” ~ Tigerlily Cat Rescue

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