Soldier’s Story

When we read Soldier’s story, we had to offer help in the form of aqua therapy with Lori Jobak of 4Paws Health & Wellness. Lori did evaluate Soldier and believed it would be worthwhile to work with Soldier to see if amputation of his leg could be avoided. Unfortunately, his foster family had a new baby and could no longer commit to Soldier, let alone therapy sessions. 4 Paws 1 Heart would love to follow through on paying for his first round of therapy sessions but Soldier needs a new foster who can commit to taking him to the sessions. Please help Home Fur-Ever and Soldier find that foster. Here’s contact information and Soldier’s story. ~ diana

“Soldier is in need of a new foster home that can take him to his physical therapy appointments. He’s a little reserved at first, but is such a doll. 313.645.4399 [email protected] or

Soldier *Will not need to attend events for several weeks, but will need to make PT appointments*

I am already neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, and good with dogs.

January, 2014: Last night a couple of HFE volunteers responded to an Urgent post about an injured dog seeking refuge in a backyard of a homeowner in Detroit who reached out for help. With the horrible weather they couldn’t bare the thought of this dog being out there left to suffer in pain and freeze. He has been named Solder and was taken to the vet for medical evaluation last night. He has nerve damage and if the feeling doesn’t return, his leg will have to be amputated. We are asking everybody to share this, as we are searching for another rescue or someone that can help him by fostering him and caring for him while he heals. It would not be fair to evaluate this dogs temperament right now as he was just saved from the freezing cold and is suffering from an injury, so we can not give a true assessment of his temperament, however, he did seem to really take to the homeowner and was fine with the volunteers that transported him. Unsure how he is with other dogs.” ~ Home Fur-Ever

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