Mr. Jim – A New Life Begins

7/8/14 – Happy Beginnings! Mr. Jim was chained to the fence of an abandoned home. After being rescued by a caring couple, he was found to be deaf and Heart Worm positive. Here is his happy update from his rescuer: ~ diana

“He was adopted on Wednesday. His new family loves him! They are a great couple….wife stays home all day so Jim can just follow her around the house and watch her. When she goes, he goes. Perfect for His anxiety. She is retired (?) but maintains a schedule which also helps him know what’s coming. The deafness does not bother then at all.

Jim finished his heartworm meds on Sunday. He went for his check up at the doctor yesterday. Just got word that he is doing great! Everything looks wonderful!”
We are very happy for Jim. Thank you again for all your help! I will keep sending updates as I get them.”

America – Update

7/8/14  – 4paws1heart’spuppy “America” who is going to require about 30 days of treatment to take care of her skin condition. She was diagnosed with Demodex Mange. A very kind unselfish woman found her in the middle of the street and thought she was intentionally burned or mauled. She said no one else would come close to the starving little puppy.She spent 2 hours on the phone trying to call places after-hours and no one would or could help. I’m happy that we were in a position to help and happened to be at the right place at the right time, but it doesn’t feel like we can ever put a dent in the problem that exists with the need for helping strays with medical care especially these after-hour emergencies.If America would have been on the streets much longer her open sores would have soon been infested with maggots. It has been five days of us treating her and she is still actively bleeding from her sores, but she is looking much better. This picture was from today. Her little tail does not stop wagging and she is full of kisses, appreciation, and peace..

Devoted Barn Animal Rescue stepped up and took America under their wing today to foster her as we provide her medical treatment. We are extremely grateful for their help. I have a pretty strong feeling that they are going to spoil the heck out of her. Just like so many others she deserves a chance…

If you are reading this please, help, share, reach out, and get involved in the overwhelming need to save one life at a time.. We can not do this without your help! Thank you!! ~ Gina

Saved from Certain Death – Chloe and Momma Still Need a Home

7/5/14 – Good Morning! I hope all of our feline fans aren’t too tired from their 4th of July parties to take a look at these two sweet babies rescued by our friend Jo A. and whose medical treatment was paid for by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Momma and Chloe were rescued from a filthy junk filled garage. It was filled to the top where they could crawl out of the roof. They had fleas so bad they were anemic. Chloe was critical with pan leukemia and almost died. Both females are spayed and up to date on vaccines. Momma is about 1 year and 2 months old. Chloe is about 7 months old. They are buddies and haven’t been separated since birth. Please share and consider opening your home to these two sweethearts. If you’re interested, contact Jo at [email protected] ~ Thanks, diana

ONYX – Surgery Complete – Forever Home is Next

7/4/14 – Onyx just had surgery yesterday where a pin was placed in her broken leg to stabilize it. It will take several weeks of rest before we know if it is going to heal properly. She is a young kitten and they tend to do well. She is hospitalized getting antibiotics and pain meds around the clock. Thank you all for sharing and for any support you are able to offer. If you would like to donate towards her surgery it would be greatly appreciated. Visit our website. She will be going to her foster home on Tuesday if everything goes well. Huge thank you to Dr Pillsbury for doing the surgery and the staff at Harper Woods Veterinary and Animal Urgent Care for doing everything they can to keep this baby comfortable. ~ gina

America – Everyone Turned Their Back Except 1 Kind Women

7/4/14  THIS PUPPY NEEDS YOUR HELP! We are calling her “AMERICA” because she was found yesterday evening on the streets, alone, emaciated, covered in Demodexx, and a secondary skin infection causing her to have bleeding sores from head to toe. She will require twice a day oral medications, food, and tons of love. If you are that person to RESCUE HER please email me at [email protected].  Please be patient with my responding back, but know I will as soon as I can!!! She is about 11-13 weeks old, black, pitty mix, and 14 pounds. ~ gina

No Longer in Danger – 3 Kittens are saved and 1 Feral Mom Will Not Produce Again

7/4/14 – I hope that all of our fur and human friends have a fun and safe 4th of July. This past 6 months have been overwhelming and unbelievable for the number of kittens and cats we have been able to save. Not only have the kittens found their way safely into homes but many feral moms and dads have been fixed and will never be responsible for the overpopulation of felines. There were many who I didn’t even have the opportunity to share with our friends because of the numbers but the final results have been good. Debra B., Jo A., Debbi N, Mel W., all of you have made this possible.

These three babies were in a commercial garage with their feral mom. The owner found a dead kitten under a car hood on the engine and called out for help. On July 2, we were contacted and after we asked, our good friend Nicole Norton jumped into action. The kittens were trapped along with the mom. The kittens were immediately brought to our friends at Healthy Paws and found to have all had upper respiratory infections. Thank God we got them in time. We’ve had our share of eye removals because of this horrible infection so common in outdoor kitties. Thank You to Lisa, who contacted us and will be fostering them until they can be adopted. I will keep everyone updated with a contact number in case anyone is interested in adopting them. ~ diana

Happy Update – Oreo

7/3/14 – HAPPY UPDATE!! Oreo was brought to us in September, 2013. He was nearly dead, emaciated and laying on the side of the road. I wanted to share his mom’s update and photo with our friends. ~ diana

“Oreo is doing great! He had a broken leg for about 6-8 weeks but it has healed. I woke up one morning to find that he wasn’t using his leg. The Vet did an Xray and found he has poor bone density most likely being malnourished while growing. (I think he was 5 lbs when you found him). She said it will improve over time. So he wore a cast for 6-8 weeks and did well with it! He’s all better now. He and our other cat Monty have bonded in an extraordinary way. They are best buddies (see pic). Oreo is such a sweet, sweet soul and LOVES to cuddle on your lap. He is 15 lbs now and a happy! Thank you for saving him! We recently moved and now he has a HUGE window to look out. He parks himself there every day. I’ll send you a picture. You’ll love it. My son asked me this morning, as a matter of fact, if I could put Oreo on his lap to cuddle when he gets home from camp. We really enjoy him. Ok enough . Ingrid”

(5 photos)

Mustang Is Still Looking For His Forever Home — Could It Be Yours??

7/4/14   Remember our little Mustang? He was hit by a car and suffered head trauma and then “4P1H” paid for the medical care he needed, and he was given a second chance? Now this little handsome guy needs a forever home. He needs to go to a home with no other animals because he insists on being the only one. We have tried him in a couple different situations and determined that he is a needy, playful, loving kitten. If you think you are the perfect home and you are looking for a wonderful forever companion please email me at [email protected] for more information. ~ diana