We’re “Running” Out of Time – Join Us For Our First Annual Fun Walk/Run

VOLUNTEERS AND WALKER/RUNNERS needed for our upcoming 5k Walk/Run Fur Fun event. We need volunteers to be stationed along the route and participants to make this a successful event. There will be plenty going on during the Venetian Festival activities. Our HERCULES will also be joining us and we’ll a few cool prizes to raffle off. There is less than two weeks to ensure you get a shirt when you enter. E-mail me at [email protected] if you would like an entry form or if you would like to volunteer. ~ diana

Wooftrax – Walk For A Dog — Another way to help 4 Paws 1 Heart

6/25/14 – Great News and we owe it, once again, to one of our Facebook Friends. We are now a WoofTrax Partner. What this means is that every time you take your dog for a walk (real or imaginary — for us cat slaves), you can get dollars donated to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Just visit www.Wooftrax.com and download the Walk for a Dog app. Every time you walk, and choose 4 Paws 1 Heart as your charity, we will get dollars donated to us. Please share and let us know how you like it. ~ diana

Reducing The Number of Unwanted Animals Through Spay/Neuter

6/24/14 – Kathleen R., a friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart found 6 kittens under her porch and sought out our help to get them vetted and vaccinated. We were happy to help; one has already been adopted and we will also be there to make sure they are all spayed and neutered when ready. Thank you, Kathleen, for taking such good care of these sweethearts. ~ diana

Selena – Seeing the World For the First Time

6/21/14  Selena Update. She is able to see a little bit now because the infection in her eyes is being treated and she is on oral antibiotics. This is such a precious, sweet, adorable little angel that we are so blessed to have been able to help. We will make sure Selena will find the best home possible:) Thank you all for sharing and for posting her story. This is what it’s all about! Gina

Only 12 Weeks Old and Leg is Broken

6/28/14 MEET “ONYX”  a new 4 Paws 1 Heart kitten, found, as  a stray, 12 weeks old with a horrible broken leg. Her Humerous bone (between shoulder and elbow) is broken and we have her on pain medication around the clock while waiting to do her surgery. We hope that her leg can be saved.  If you would like to donate towards her surgery please use the link on this site and let us know you are donating to Onyx’s surgery. ~ diana

Open Your Heart and Your Home

6/27/14 – Remember “Soup”? He is STILL with me and as much as I would LOVE to keep him, I can’t. My kitty is old and she does not want to share the house with Soup any more. PLEASE share we NEED to find the handsome, friendly, sociable, 2 yr old male neutered, healthy cat a home. He has survived a shattered pelvis and he is just longing for a forever family! ~ Gina

Working with Our Rescue Friends to Make A Difference

6/27/14 – Our friends with Mutts of Motown are always there for the abandoned and abused and we hope to always be there for them. In addition to taking in four of the very abused kittens from the house of horrors, they have had several dogs needing medical treatment this past week. Sonni is one of them. He had two masses removed and is now doing well. If you want an update on Sonni and the kittens, check out the Mutts of Motown Facebook page. ~ diana

Working Together To Save Lives

6/27/14 – Again…we couldn’t do this without your help. Here are A few more helpless kitties who were found on the street and 4 paws 1 heart was able to again help. There are two males and one female. The woman who rescued them is working on socializing them so they will be more adoptable. Our great veterinarian examined them, gave them their first vaccines, dewormings, and feluk/fiv testing.  They were then good to go. ~ Gina