From a Home of Neglect and Abuse – Luna (now known as Lilac)

7/19/14 – If you don’t remember Luna check out our website – and search “Luna”. In short she was being given (sold) away by her owners because they “just had a baby”. One caring person saw the ad and contacted us; we posted the story; and, two wonderful people rescued her from a home of serious neglect. Look at her (now Lilac) happy face today as she sits with her new mom and sibling. Thanks, Karrie Marie, for sharing with us. We had a great 5K which I’m still trying to recover from and will report on soon and don’t forget that we have the July 29 Captain Jack’s shindig coming up July 29. Give our Lilac a big hug from the 4p1h family. ~ diana
“Hope you had a great turn out for the 5k… We, Lilac (formally Luna) and I are bummed we couldn’t make it down to participate however when you break mom’s foot, there’s not much you can do.” ~ Karrie Marie
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