Seven Kittens Found In A Storm Without a Mom

8/19/14 – This has been the day — Lisa T. calls about a lactating mom needing kittens. I put the word out to our rescue friends. Lisa T. calls about the black beauty kicked out of his home — God Bless our friends — we get three peopleĀ interested in adopting/fostering. Then Debra B. asks for us to help find a foster/rescue for her two siblings so she start TNR next week. Then A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue calls to say they have 6 kittens needing a lactating mom — back to Lisa T. So now I’m ready to watch some DVR and another emergency call comes in. In the process of looking for an injured cat, our friend Denise N., foster to Waffle and Toast, found 7 few-weeks old kittens huddled in a corner in pretty bad shape after the storm. Thank You, Debra B. on the job to transport the babies and thank you Amanda, of Advanced Animal Emergency, expert in bottle babies. We decide the babies need to get to the emergency. They are in pretty tough shape with fleas, maybe upper respiratory, and just soaked. Debra is immediately leave to get the babies to the emergency hospital. Amanda and Denise will take on bottle feeding and another 4p1h friend will take on Waffle and Toast until Tigerlily takes over. Now anyone who has been able to follow this, gets a free kitten. Seriously, please pray for all of these abandoned babies (dogs and cats) who have done nothing wrong other than be born. Thank You all for your continued support. ~ diana


8/20/14 – Update on the 7 Kittens Found In The Storm: I just spoke with Amanda, at the Advanced Animal Emergency, and all seven babies are stable and doing well. They all have upper respiratory infections and the flea infestation is terrible. Thank God that Denise N. found them last night and that Debra B. picked them up and took them to the hospital. They would have never made it through the night. They are in good hands now with a great staff. They will be under medical treatment for a while so keep them in your prayers and if you have a few extra dollars, trust me when I say, we can use it. Thank YOU! Amanda promised photos as soon as she can get the fleas under control. ~ diana

8/20/14 – 7 Kittens in the Storm Update: I’m sorry to report that we have lost one kitten from respiratory distress. Thanks for your prayers and support. RIP little one, at least you were not alone on the street. xox ~ diana
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